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Families in Flight: The Journey of Slovenian Children to Minnesota after World War II

September 30, 2017 2 PM to 4 PM

Free & open to the public. Please join us!

A presentation on Minnesota’s forgotten history, hosted by the St. Louis County Historical Society and the Gary New Duluth Development Alliance. Moderated by Joe Valencic, historian and filmmaker.

Rare first-hand accounts of Slovenian children resettling from internment camps in Austria to locations in North and South America will be presented by:

*Frank Bucar, born in an internment camp in Austria

*Frank Medved, lived as child in an internment camp

*Miro Medved, Honorary Slovenian Consul, Twin Cities

*John Zakelj, translator of his father’s camp diaries

*Dr. Mirjam Milharcic Hladnick, Slovenian Migration


*Honorable Andrej Rode and Monika Rode, Republic

of Slovenia

*Meje (Borders), short film on refugee families in flight through Slovenia by director Damjan Kozole

A reception follows the presentations with entertainment by The Singing Slovenes.

GND Development Alliance Recreation Center

801 101st Avenue West

Duluth, Minnesota