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ADOPT AN OBJECT: Lund Paintings


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As we shared yesterday, we have launched our Adopt and Object Campaign. This campaign was put in place to help supplement the costs of items within our collection that need specialized materials/equipment to preserve or restore.

Two items that we will feature in this post are two paintings by Peter Lund. Born in Denmark in 1846, Peter Lund was primarily known as a marine and landscape painter. He called Minneapolis and Duluth his home and studio until 1895 when Lund moved to New York City. Lund’s work explored primarily marine scenes, but he also created works highlight hunting trips and the logging industry in Duluth, MN.


Large Ghost Sailboat Moving Towards Rocks, c. 1891


Hunter and Hounds at Rest, n.d.


Both of these paintings require cleaning and repair (click on the images above to see full screen before/after shots). They will be sent to the Midwest Art Conservation Center for detailed assessment and, upon adequate funding, restoration.

Information on the campaign can be found here and here.

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