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Never Forgotten: The Man Behind the Medal - Traveling Exhibit Preview

The Society's traveling exhibit entitled Never Forgotten: The Man Behind the Medal is currently on display in the Traveling Exhibits Alcove, located just outside the Society's main office doors in the Depot.

This exhibit describes Duluthian Major Henry A. Courtney’s brief life, from his Duluth Central High School days, where he was known as the “blonde giant,” to his final courageous acts of leadership in the Battle of Sugar Loaf Hill during WWII.

Traveling Exhibits may be loaned, for a nominal fee, to museums, historical societies, schools and colleges and other organizations. Please contact Kathleen Cargill at 218.733.7586 or kathleen_at_thehistorypeople_dot_org for more information.

For a complete list of our traveling exhibits and to view the catalog, go to

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