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Effete du Lac – Lake Effect Exhibit


Over 70 large scale paintings by Hibbing area resident John Michael Cook depict the effect of Lake Superior on the artist as he experienced architecture and landscapes that are uniquely Duluth. Cook’s style is realistic and awe inspiring.

According to Cook his Duluth art reflects the “wonder” that is the Lake and the wonder that affects the soul of those who experience Duluth. “When French Voyageurs came to Lake Superior they spoke of how living near and on the waters of the great shimmering silver wonder affected their very soul, changed how they lived in this world. They called it Effete du Lac.”

The exhibit will be on display from May 7 through July 28 and may be viewed with regular admission to the Depot. The exhibit is open without charge to St. Louis County Historical Society members.

Note: More information on artist available at

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