In Memory of George Floyd: Collecting Stories

The St. Louis County Historical Society expresses our condolences and offers our prayers to the family and friends of George Floyd. He was a father, son, brother and friend and he deserved better, as all people of color do. As an organization the St. Louis County Historical Society strives to celebrate the uniqueness of all cultures in our mission of collecting, preserving and sharing local history, as we have since our beginnings in 1922.

As an individual I know there is no quick fix to the inequities of racial bias. But we must keep working at it, on an individual level and at organization and government levels. Learning about racial bias and the history/cultures and challenges faced by people of color is a start. Supporting organizations that actively work for change and awareness is another way to support the black community and other people of color.

The St. Louis County Historical Society wants to preserve your stories during this painful time. Our hope is that sharing our stories with each other can help us to move forward with respect and dignity. We owe it to George Floyd and our communities to try.

To submit your story email

Michele Hakala Beeksma, President

St. Louis County Historical Society

Member, American Indian Advisory Committee

Please complete this form to accompany your submission to St. Louis County Historical Society’s My Story Community Archive.

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