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Employment Opportunity: Executive Director CLOSED



St. Louis County Historical Society is seeking applicants for an Executive Director. This is a full-time position with a starting salary of $70,000-$75,000 per year plus benefits.

Please submit your resume and cover letter no later than July 28, 2023. Hard copies are preferred.

Send cover letter and résumé to;

St. Louis County Historical Society

ATTN; R L Hein

506 West Michigan Street

Duluth, MN 55802-1505

Or send to; rjhein_at_charter_dot_net


For details, see the job description below.


Updated 6-28-2023

St. Louis County Historical Society Executive Director

JOB TYPE: Permanent position

OPENING DATE: July 3, 2023

CLOSING DATE: July 28, 2023

LOCATION: Duluth, Minnesota SALARY RANGE: $70-75K

St. Louis County Historical Society is looking for an Executive Director or equivalent level professional who is a self-starter, innovator, team builder, problem solver and collaborator. This position provides a unique opportunity to help form and guide the course of a mature but growing Historical Society and its attendant museums and exhibits.

1. Job Description:

A. The position requires passion, initiative and vision along with effective leadership and a broad management skill set.

B. The person selected will help move the Society to future levels of prominence at the local, Statewide, national and international levels.

C. The executive director will be directly responsible for the society’s daily operations, curatorial initiatives, collections management, outreach activities and museum exhibits.

D. The executive director reports directly to the Board of Governors.

E. This position is designated an at-will, exempt position and may require evening or weekend hours as needed.

F. The Executive Director’s behavior must demonstrate the highest level of ethical standards and personal integrity.

2. Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

2.1 Operations;

A. Coordinate and oversee programing research and planning, museum development and staff/volunteer management.

B. Ensure successful planning, implementation and evaluation of ongoing programs, events and exhibits.

C. Support museum staff to ensure valued assets are preserved, protected, and represented in a respectful manner.

D. Administer and oversee the acquisition and professional management of a wide range of artifacts and objects; direct and oversee accessioning, deaccessioning, preservation, research, and other related professional activities.

E. Administer and oversee grants that are awarded, including project development, budget preparation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation, financial, and narrative reporting.

F. Assure that the collection of artifacts and exhibits meets professional standards.

2.2 Leadership;

A. Provide leadership through effective goal setting, accountability and communication of pertinent information sharing across the organization.

B. Foster effective collaboration with Board of Governors, Staff, Volunteers, Depot tenants, Affiliate Historical Societies and other appropriate agencies and organizations.

C. Represent the Society at meetings, conferences, and other public events.

D. Understand, support and promote effective informational technology development.

2.3 Financial Planning;

A. Develop, propose, and execute an annual budget based on financial stewardship, fiscal responsibility, and organizational sustainability.

B. Provide appropriate financial reporting documents to ensure fiscal oversight responsibilities are met.

C. Seek additional opportunities for financial support through fund-raising campaigns, grants, and sponsorships, working in concert with appropriate staff.

2.4 Other responsibilities as assigned.

3 Education and Experience Minimum Job Requirements:

A. Bachelor’s degree in History, Museum Studies, Nonprofit Administration/Management or equivalent degree program. Master’s Degree preferred.

B. Documented, successful management, leadership experience at the Executive Director or equivalent level in a Historical Society, Museum, Historic Preservation, Public History or nonprofit organization for a minimum of 3 to 5 years.

C. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office.

3.3 Preferred Qualifications;

A. Advanced degree in History, Museum Studies, Nonprofit Administration/Management or equivalent degree program.

4 Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required:

4.1 Operations;

A. Working knowledge and understanding of museum/non-profit operational standards and best practices.

B. Knowledge of museum standards for exhibition design, experiential learning, collections care and management.

C. Knowledge of information and bibliographic research principles, methods, and techniques.

4.2 Management;

A. Skill in business and financial planning.

B. Employee development and performance management skills.

C. Ability to provide strong leadership, vision and strategic direction.

D. Demonstrated skill in strategic planning.

E. Secure and manage volunteer resources.

F. Identify and provide professional development needs and opportunities for staff and Board.

G. Demonstrated skill in establishing a process that ensures that operational plans result in a successful outcome and conclusion. (Project Management)

4.3 Relationships;

A. Knowledge, skills, and ability to effectively work with a Board of Directors.

B. Knowledge, skills, and ability to effectively work with governmental agencies to include the County Commissioners, County Administration and other governing bodies.

C. Outstanding interpersonal and community relations skills and the ability to communicate and work effectively within a diverse community.

D. Ability to foster a cooperative and collaborative work environment.

E. Ensures staff benefits and salary increases are considered and aligned with professional standards.

F. Administers a performance appraisal and performance improvement process to assure high levels of expertise and performance.

G. Knowledge of and sensitivity to human rights, and social justice issues.

H. Enhances the Societies/museum’s public image to expand interest and support.

4.4 Leadership;

A. Demonstrated organizational and resource management skills.

B. Ability to supervise and train employees to include organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling work assignments.

C. Skilled in the application and use of best practices in leadership and management functions.

D. Knowledge of public relations principles and practices.

E. Skilled in the effective use of oral and written communication.

4.5 Financial Planning;

A. Demonstrated success in fundraising, grant awards, donor cultivation, stewardship, and development of alternate revenue resources.

4.6 Passion;

A. Has a demonstrated passion for the value of history, culture and museum exhibits.

B. Must have a demonstrated record of being a self-starter, team builder, and problem solver.

4.7 Conditions of Employment;

A. Employee in this position is subject to terms and conditions of an employment contract,

B. The Executive Director will be provided with a Job Performance Contract and is subject to an annual performance review.

Click on the link below to view the job description as a pdf file.

1.A.A RLH-- ED Job Description --Final--6-28-2023
Download PDF • 56KB


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