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“Northern Exposure” - FREE Screening

Free screening: “Northern Exposure,” a night of 90s TV

in the Lake Superior Railroad Museum

Tuesday, March 7th, 5-8pm

The St. Louis County Historical Society and the Lake Superior Railroad Museum present three episodes of the rarely seen series “Northern Exposure;” placate your “post-modern pining for the pre-plugged in.”

A high latitude town in idyllic surroundings- and itinerant downtown wildlife. Sound familiar? Meet us on the Alaskan Riviera, Tuesday, March 7th, 5-8pm in the LSRM. Popcorn, hot dogs (not caribou, sadly), beer and soda for purchase. Discover what Franz Kafka, the aurora borealis, and a talking dog have in common, and see how authoring history and asserting one’s place within history is as relevant today as it was in the early 90s.

“Pilot” S1.E1. 45 minutes. A doctor from New York City adjusts (or not) to life in a rural town in Alaska.

“Cicely” S3.E23. 45 minutes. Joel encounters a 108-year-old man who has come home to Cicely. He tells Joel that Cicely, founded by two incredible, free-thinking women named Roslyn and Cicely, was once considered the "Paris of the North.”

“Mr. Sandman” S5.E12. 45 minutes. An abundance of northern lights seems to be causing the citizens of Cicely start having strange dreams. They soon realize they're sharing each other’s dreams.

Contact Tim White via tim_at_thehistorypeople_dot_org for additional information.


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