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Ronald Hein, President*

Jeffrey Wencl, Vice-President*

Steven Matthews, Secretary*

Nicholas Jensen, Executive Director (ex officio)*

*The President, Vice-President and Executive Director shall be ex-officio Members of all committees and task forces", per Society bylaws.

Celia Domich

Karen Keenan

Linda Nervick

Audit and Finance

Michele Beeksma, Chair

Nominating and Governance

TBD, Chair

Donna Bergstrom 

Celia Domich

American Indian Advisory (AIAC)

Vernon Zacher, Chair, Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

Jaylen Strong, Bois Forte Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

Marie Spry, Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

Michael Gillespie, at large representative, Oglala Lakota

Michele Beeksma, at large representative, Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

Affiliate Relations

Celia Domich, Ely-Winton Historical Society

Mary Keyes, Hibbing Historical Society

Charles Palmquist, Minnesota Museum of Mining

Mary "Mickey" White, SISU Heritage, Inc.

Linda Folstad, Tower-Soudan Historical Society - pending ratification

Darrel Swenson, Virginia Area Historical Society

Veterans Memorial Hall Advisory (VMHAC)

Andrew Meyer, Chair

Donna Bergstrom

Ronald Hein

Dennis Hughes

Scott Markle

Daniel Streu

Robert Thomson

Nadine Wells

Museum Operations and Archives Operations

Michele Beeksma, Chair

Leone Graf

Dennis Hughes

Karen Keenan

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