Michele Hakala-Beeksma, President

Ronald Hein, Vice President
John Marshall, Secretary

Daniel Streu, Treasurer

Neill Atkins

Karen Keenan

Denton Stam

Audit and Finance

Daniel Streu, Chair

Neill Atkins

Linda Folstad

Michele Hakala-Beeksma (ex-officio)

Ronald Hein

Denton Stam

Nominating and Governance

Ronald Hein, Chair

Celia Domich

Amanda Bauer

Michele Hakala-Beeksma

Ron Sutton

American Indian Advisory

Vernon Zacher, Chair, Fond du Lac Band of Ojibwe

Jaylen Strong, Bois Forte Band of Ojibwe

Mary Ann Gagnon, Grand Portage Band of Ojibwe

Michael Gillespie, at large representative

Michele Hakala-Beeksma, at large representative

Affiliate Relations

Celia Domich, Ely-Winton Historical Society

Mary Keyes, Hibbing Historical Society

Mathew Marolt, Minnesota Museum of Mining

Ron Sutton, Sisu Heritage, Inc.

Linda Folstad, Tower-Soudan Historical Society

Jeanne Maki, Virginia Area Historical Society

Veterans Memorial Hall Advisory

Dennis Hughes, Chair

John Marshall, Vice Chair

Tedd Ells

Michele Hakala-Beeksma (ex-officio)

Ronald Hein

Warren High (emeritus)

Charles E. Koenig

Scott Markle

Tim McLoughlin

Andrew Meyer

Dan Streu

John Werner

St. Louis County Commissioner Beth Olson (ex-officio)

Museum Operations and Archives Operations

Michele Hakala-Beeksma, Chair

Celia Domich

Mary Erickson

Linda Folstad

Leone Graf

Karen Keenan

Sammy Maida

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