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Current Offerings

American Indian

Ojibwe Faces and Stories


Fine Art and Photographs

Albin Zaverl Art: Old Country Memories



Children of the Finnish Homesteads: Growing up in Northern Minnesota, 1900-1945

Finns of Western Lake Superior

Preserving the Old Country: The Experiences of Croatians, Serbians, and Slovenians in St. Louis County

To America with Love: Journey of a Young Woman from Southern Italy to Northeast Minnesota

Local and County History

Marshall Wells Hardware

Return to the River

The Promise, The Promise Kept, The Promise Realized, The Promise Renewed: The History of the Erie Mining Company

For exhibit set-up details, select manual.



500 Days: 125th Field Artillery Photographs

Albert Woolson – the Last Civil War Soldier

Desert Medics

James Joseph Hubert: Duluth WWII Hero Returns Home

Joe Gomer: Honoring a Legacy

Joe Gomer: Preserving a Legacy

Never Forgotten: Man Behind the Medal. The Life of Medal of Honor Recipient Henry A. Courtney, Jr.

Salute to Servicewomen: Women in the United States Military

The 18 – Civil War Exhibit

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