Current Offerings


Children of the Finnish Homesteads

Growing up in Northern MN, 1900-1945

Desert Medics

Finns of Western Lake Superior


500 Days

Photographs WWII in Africa and Italy


Marshall Wells Hardware

Minnesota Ballet

Celebrating 50 Years


Never Forgotten

The Man Behind the Medal


Ojibwe Faces and Stories

Featuring reproductions of Eastman Johnson's works.

Preserving the Old Country

The Experiences of Croatians, Serbians, and

Slovenians in St. Louis County

Return to the River

Salute to Servicewomen

Women in the United States Military


William Roleff

Forest History Photographs


The 18

Civil War

The Plan, The People, The Promise and Perspectives

The History of the Erie Mining Company

For exhibit set-up details, select manual.

To America with Love

The Journey of a Young Woman from Southern

Italy to Northeast Minnesota


Albert Woolson

The Last Surviving Civil War Soldier


Albin M. Zaverl’s

Old Country Memories Collection

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