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Veterans Memorial Hall Program Website

Visit our Veterans Memorial Hall website at Veterans Memorial Hall (VMH) is a joint program of the St. Louis County Historical Society and the United States Military service veterans of northeastern Minnesota, with a mission to gather, preserve, interpret, and promote the rich and diverse human experiences of veterans, their families, and communities through museum, archival, and educational programs.

Lunch with the History People

When: Thursday, September 21, 2017, from noon – 1 PM What: Susan Utech, Executive Director of Safe Haven Shelter and Resource Center, explains “The History of the Domestic Violence Movement in Duluth.” A local group created the model for responding to domestic violence that is used both nationally and worldwide. Resources were developed to aid victims of domestic abuse and provide assistance to legally protect them from their assailants. Over the years, these early efforts have further expanded to better assist victims so they can become survivors. Where: The event will be held in the Ruth Maney Room on the first floor of the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center (the Depot), at 506 Wes

Families in Flight: The Journey of Slovenian Children to Minnesota after World War II

September 30, 2017 2 PM to 4 PM Free & open to the public. Please join us! A presentation on Minnesota’s forgotten history, hosted by the St. Louis County Historical Society and the Gary New Duluth Development Alliance. Moderated by Joe Valencic, historian and filmmaker. Rare first-hand accounts of Slovenian children resettling from internment camps in Austria to locations in North and South America will be presented by: *Frank Bucar, born in an internment camp in Austria *Frank Medved, lived as child in an internment camp *Miro Medved, Honorary Slovenian Consul, Twin Cities *John Zakelj, translator of his father’s camp diaries *Dr. Mirjam Milharcic Hladnick, Slovenian Migration Institute

MHS Follow-up Grant Workshop at SLCHS

(image courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society) The Minnesota Historical Society’s Grants Office is holding presentations around the state and is scheduled for a follow-up presentation on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at St. Louis County Historical Society located in the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center (the Depot), 506 West Michigan Street. The workshop will be held in the Great Hall on the main floor (3rd floor). These public presentations are to present an overview and information as well as updates about competitive grants available through the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grants (MHCH) Program (Legacy Grant Proposal), which is supported

Lunch with the History People

When: Thursday, August 17, 2017, from noon – 1 PM Who: Chad W. Scott, co-owner and President of AMI Consulting Engineers, served eight years in the United States Marine Corps. He was stationed at the U.S. Space Command for four years. In addition to a degree in civil engineering, Chad received his certification as a Deep Sea Hard Hat Diver. During his career, he has inspected and assessed thousands of structures both above water and underwater. He has worked with both new structures and the restoration of old structures. What: Chad will explore the “Historical Development of Duluth’s Waterfront Structures.” According to Chad, “The history of Duluth’s waterfront development is not well k

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