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Publications for Sale

Published by St. Louis County Historical Society

A County Built on Iron – Beck:$20.00

Eastman Johnson’s Lake Superior Indians - Condon:$10.00

Invincible – Cochran:$20.00

*Loggers of the 80s/Your Friends and Mine - Hagman:FREE

*Recollections: An Informal History of the Alborn Area - Moran:FREE

We’re Standing on Iron - Skillings:$5.00

Other Publication Available

It’s Gone, Did You Notice? A History of the Mesabi Range Village of Franklin, Minnesota - Milkovich:$8.00

Please contact Kathleen Cargill at 218-733-7586 or e-mail if you would like to reserve a copy of any of these publications for pick up.

*While supplies last.

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